"¡Indestructible!: Baseball on the Isthmus" is a documentary film about the mighty history and uncertain future of baseball in the Republic of Panamá, and those fighting to recapture the sport from the grips of crisis.

At a time when so many Latin-American nations are exporting countless Major League stars, Panamá, the first in the region to play baseball, has been unable to follow suit. A founding member of the Caribbean Series, and once home to powerful teams owned by General Electric, Spur Cola and Marlboro Cigarettes amongst others, Panamá has seen its baseball fall on hard times. Since the dissolution of its professional league nearly 40 years ago, Panamanian "béis" has slowly and steadily declined in both its world status, and its presence in the Major Leagues. Now a government-run institution, the sport is marred by political squabbling, underfunding, disorganization and scandal, often failing to meet the needs of those that count on it the most. Top-flight prospects and little-leaguers alike suffer in its chaotic wake. The very baseball system that produced legends like Rod Carew, Héctor López, Carlos Lee, Mariano Rivera, as well as many Negro League stars, has been described by one journalist as "on life support".

Recently, though, a new wave of baseball leadership has emerged on the Isthmus. Led by the former Major Leaguers Omar Moreno and Olmedo Sáenz, this "baseball revolution" is dedicated to seeing a change in the Panamanian game, so that it may once again rise to its former status as a powerhouse in Latin-America.

Packed with interviews from Panamanian Major Leaguers, journalists and sportscasters, this film examines baseball's relationship with the people of Panamá, and attempts to answer the question: Is baseball on the Isthmus truly INDESTRUCTIBLE?

*Status: This film is currently in the late stages of post-production.*